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Orthograph & Calcularis – Practical User Tips

Our innovative learning programs train the basic skills in spelling and mathematics. They use multi-sensory techniques and adapt individually to each learner, so all students can benefit from it, a truly inclusive system. In order to make the best of our programs in the classroom, we have put together a few tips, applications and lesson ideas for you and your schools.

Homeschooling With Learning Differences

While letting a child attend a regular schooling system can prove successful and helpful for the child, there is also a chance that it might simply not work out. Dyslexic children require a much more systematic and individualised learning process and sometimes a regular school might not be able to provide that.

What Is Multi-Sensory Learning?

If you’ve spent any time reading up on interventions for learning differences then you have probably come across the term multi-sensory learning. The phrase pops up fairly often in descriptions of dyslexia therapies, for example. But what Read more…

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