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Emmen School Uses Dybuster Software With All Ages

Emmen is a town in the canton of Lucerne and the public school is made up of a primary and a secondary school. The secondary school has a computer room as well as four desktop computers per classroom and there are also a number of laptops that are shared among classes, which means the students can practice on Dybuster software at school or in their own home.

The Schools that use Dybuster Software: Fehraltdorf

We would like to introduce a few of the schools where teachers and students use our software to help them achieve an inclusive learning environment. Our first portrait is of the public school in Fehraltorf, Switzerland. Fehraltorf is a small town in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The public school is made up of primary and secondary schools.

Hands Up! Why We Should Promote Visual Arithmetic

It is well known that schools tend to put mental arithmetic skills above visual ones, as something like counting with your fingers is seen as a weakness in one’s calculation abilities. Educators and scientists have been tackling this obsolete cliché with research and scientific reports that seem to prove that visual aids are more than just helpful in the learning process.

Orthograph & Calcularis – Practical User Tips

Our innovative learning programs train the basic skills in spelling and mathematics. They use multi-sensory techniques and adapt individually to each learner, so all students can benefit from it, a truly inclusive system. In order to make the best of our programs in the classroom, we have put together a few tips, applications and lesson ideas for you and your schools.

Homeschooling With Learning Differences

While letting a child attend a regular schooling system can prove successful and helpful for the child, there is also a chance that it might simply not work out. Dyslexic children require a much more systematic and individualised learning process and sometimes a regular school might not be able to provide that.

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