3-month Pilot Project In Norway Successfully Completed

2020, a year full of challenges but also opportunities to grow. For this reason, we did not want to give up on our project, a Calcularis pilot project in Norway. In this pilot phase, we wanted to find out how well our Calcularis learning programme could be integrated into everyday school life in Norway. Does our programme meet the needs of learners and teachers in Norway?

In the 3-month collaboration with three large schools, 6 classes with over 100 students*, we got the opportunity to answer the questions in practice in the spring semester of 2021.

We are very pleased to present the positive results.

The implementation of Dybuster learning programmes in different cultures and school systems is always a great challenge. The translation of Calcularis into Norwegian involved a wide range of expertise from teachers and language specialists. This process resulted in a product that we are convinced adds effective value to the Norwegian education system.

After completion of the project, we conducted feedback interviews with the participating teachers and also sent out questionnaires.

We were able to draw the following results from the completed questionnaires:

100% of the teachers
confirm that their students were motivated or particularly motivated by the work in Calcularis.

100% of the teachers confirmed that their students were motivated or particularly motivated by the work with Calcularis.

100% of the teachers
confirmed a recognisable improvement in addition and number comprehension in their learners.

100% of teachers
confirm a recognisable reduction in maths anxiety or a recognisable increase in motivation for maths during the pilot phase.

These results have made us very happy and positive about the market launch in August. We would like to thank the schools Bore skule, Sinsen skole and Bogstad skole for the valuable experience!

Tusen takk!


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