Dybuster is thrilled to announce that we are joining the SIT Alemira family.

As you may already know Dybuster AG is a Swiss developer of evidence-based, AI-driven inclusive learning software for schools and we have taken the decision to join SIT Alemira to support worldwide distribution, as well as to enhance product and software development.

“Joining SIT Alemira is an outstanding opportunity for Dybuster”, explains Christian Vögeli, Dybuster’s co-founder, who will remain as co-CEO. “For years, we have envisioned supporting more children in acquiring essential skills, because we believe that every child has a right to learn, to dream and to seize opportunities. SIT Alemira’s network will bring us closer to this vision by extending both the geographies that we can reach, as well as the content and subjects we can provide, while at the same time improving our technologies.”

About Our New Collaborator SIT Alemira

SIT Alemira is an all-in-one digital ecosystem offering an integrated platform for learning, education, and science management designed for schools, universities, boot camps, and businesses. The platform features a Machine Intelligence (MI)-powered learning and authoring platform, data-driven collaborative research and modelling platform, active educational content from renowned scientists, and organisational transformation consulting services.  

SIT Alemira is part of the Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT – https://sit.org ), which is a Swiss international educational and research institution founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs and led by world-class scientists. SIT addresses global challenges through science, technology, and education. SIT’s ecosystem includes SIT Campus, SIT StartGarden, SIT Autonomous, SIT Capital, SIT Academy, SIT Rolos, as well as other companies. 

Future of Dybuster & SIT Alemira

Dybuster will continue developing our software in the same place we have done for the last 15 years – the international IT hotspot that is Zurich. We are one of the most experienced and successful learning software developers in Switzerland, and close to 200’000 children have used our programs, which are available in many languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch and others.

As part of SIT Alemira, we will extend our scientifically proven software to enable schools, educators, and parents to profit from Dybuster’s proven concepts for learners with learning differences, learners who do not require additional support and gifted learners. Dybuster software aims to become the first truly inclusive tool, covering the diverse needs of entire classrooms.

Furthermore, SIT Alemira will help Dybuster extend its reach outside Switzerland, whilst combining current technologies and developing them further with the goal to deliver the best possible education for children and young adults worldwide.

“Learning journey personalisation, enhanced tutoring, interactivity, and learning by doing should be readily available to everyone. With SIT Alemira, we are creating a next-gen learning environment that is active, adaptive, collaborative, and readily suits everyone’s needs, and with Dybuster, we are inspired to enhance our technology and to extend our offer of scientifically proven programs to school-age children, helping them in their acquisition of fundamental skills ”, says Laurent Dedenis, CEO of SIT Alemira.

We are very pleased to have this opportunity and remain at your disposal, as usual, by telephone at +41 44 250 76 10 or by e-mail at schulen@dybuster.ch.

Team Dybuster


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