Dybuster‘s software Orthograph was developed in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The principles behind the software came from neuroscience and computer science. An important part of the development process was rigorous user testing: how well did the software actually work? Did Orthograph really help dyslexics improve their spelling and reading?

First Case Study

The first study on Dybuster software was published in 2007. Eighty children between the ages of nine and eleven took part in the study, which was led by neuropsychologists Prof. Dr Lutz Jäncke and Prof. M. Meyer. The participants included both children with dyslexia and children without.

Chart showing how children with dyslexia reduced their spelling errors after using Orthograph

The study found that children with dyslexia made 33% fewer errors in spelling after three months’ training with Dybuster Orthograph. The reduction in errors for children not using the software lay at just 6% for the same period. You can read about the study in detail here: Study on the efficacy of Dybuster software.

Second Case Study

Another user study was conducted by the University of Zurich. The study was done by the university’s Department of Computer Science and included 67 participants with and without dyslexia.

Chart showing how errors made by dyslexics in mapping sounds to letters decreased over the time they used Orthograph software

This study focused on whether practising with Orthograph could help dyslexics improve their phonological understanding. The longer they used the software, the fewer errors the dyslexic participants made when mapping sounds to letters. Further details of this study are also available online: Second user study on Dybuster software.

Conduct Your Own Test

The studies above reflect the general positive results of studies done on Dybuster at universities and in schools. Why not try the software for yourself? Click here to download a free trial version of Orthograph. Be sure to let us know your results! We’d be happy to hear from you on your experience with the software, so just drop us a line or leave a comment below.


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