As the condition is less acknowledged than dyslexia, dyscalculia is not as present when it comes to information and resources on websites and blogs. Dyslexics, for example, can find extensive lists of famous people who have or were reported to have had dyslexia. Dyscalculics are left more on their own when looking for such sources of encouragement and inspiration.



A search for famous dyscalculics does turn up a few names. American actor Henry Winkler is mentioned as having both dyslexia and difficulty with math. Singers Robbie Williams, Cher and Mick Hucknall are both dyscalculic. Actress Mary Tyler Moore is also included on lists of celebrities with dyscalculia. These lists, however, are much shorter than comparable ones dealing with dyslexia.

When faced with such a dearth of information, dyscalculics may instead have to look elsewhere for inspiration. Namely, among themselves. As awareness of dyscalculia grows, so too does awareness of the challenges faced by people with this learning difference and respect for how they deal with those challenges.

Learning about dyscalculics like Jack Harley-Walsh, who didn’t let his learning differences keep him from scaling either educational or actual peaks, can inspire other students with dyscalculia to push their own limits. It can be enormously encouraging to read blogger Savannah Treviño’s article on her own success as a student because and not despite her dyscalculia.

To our dyscalculic readers: who are your role models and inspirations? If you would like to share your own story about what gives you motivation and encouragement please chime in via the comments below.

Other inspirational dyscalculic people –

  • Bill Gates – Business Magnate
  • Albert Einstein – Theoretical Physicist
  • Hans Christian Anderson – Author


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