When letters don’t make sense

At least one in ten children experience difficulty with reading or spelling, a condition also known as “dyslexia”. This manifests itself in a variety of characteristics and ways. Dyslexia is caused mainly by irregularities in the development of the brain. If particular channels, links and/or areas are under-exercised and not sufficiently mature, properly assimilation and processing of letters and words become difficult or even impossible, and the breakdown of words into their component sounds is often prone to error. What’s important to note is that this difficulty with reading and spelling has nothing to do with intelligence – quite the opposite. In fact, a number of celebrated scientists throughout history (including Albert Einstein) suffered from dyslexia. The occurrence of dyslexia cannot be attributed to a single cause; as with many other learning difficulties, the causes are diverse and vary from person to person. Multiple factors can promote the development of dyslexia and must also be taken into account in its treatment.

Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

Genetic components

Dyslexia is often passed down genetically within a family, where parents, relatives, and siblings all suffer similar difficulties. This genetic influence has been scientifically proven.

Neurological perception disorders

The function of language processing centres in the brain is impaired. Children with dyslexia have been found to exhibit deviating activation patterns in the frontal and temporal lobes in the left-hand side of the brain. This means that the areas of the brain required for language processing are insufficiently synchronized, while auditory and visual networks are rendered less efficient. Auditory and/or visual perception disorders can also co-occur and can worsen dyslexia by causing problems with gaze control

Delays in language development

By the time they turn four, most late talkers have closed the gap between themselves and their peers. For those that don’t, dyslexia should be considered as a possible cause of the developmental delay.


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