Create A Long-term Impact For Learners

In collaboration with the Support and Integration Unit For The City Of Basel, we organised a pilot program to test the use of the Dybuster learning systems Orthograph and Calcularis in Basel schools. So we put out an open call in December 2020 and was it was a resounding success. A total of 52 teachers from 10 different locations, including 3 high schools, signed up!

In January 2021, we started with an online Kick-off event, where we taught all participants the necessary knowledge and handling of the programmes and the coach function. The almost 500 user accounts of the students were created, the prescribed use during the school day was discussed, so nothing could stand in the way of getting started.

The Motivation Of The Learners Was Strengthened By The Visible Learning Success.

We also received feedback in the form of artwork from the learners - thank you very much!

After another eight weeks, the test phase came to an end and more and more voices were raised asking if the programmes could be used until the end of the school year. We were more than happy to agree with this request. The final online meeting at the end of May was marked by positive and touching feedback. Expressions such as “equal opportunities”, “actual integration”, “individual support”, “learning on the common subject” we heard from various sides.

We Absolutely Have To Record The Many Positive Impressions From The Pilot

After a spontaneous request, we were able to invite two participants from the secondary school for an interview. In addition, we received written feedback from a three-member class team as well as drawings from their students. (see above)

8 of the 10 sites that participated in the pilot will continue to use the Dybuster learning systems.

We would like to briefly introduce the two high school teachers.

Yvonne Götz Peter, high school teacher and educational psychologist that works in an integration class at high school. This is a class in which four pupils with learning differences are integrated.

Viola Schönenberger, high school teacher and trained special needs teacher, works in a class with 8 to 10 pupils.

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o. l. Yvonne Götz, o. r. Jasmin Good (Dybuster), u. l. Sybille Frank (Fachstelle Förderung und Integration), u. r. Viola Schönenberger


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