The Understanding Of Fractions And The Mutual Translation between fractions and decimals is always a great challenge for pupils in Year 6.

Until now, we have not been able to meet this need for learners with our Calcularis learning system. That’s about to change with the latest evolution of our maths programme!

Dybuster and the mathematics didactics team of Prof. Dr. Lennart Schalk at PH Schwyz, are developing a new computer-based learning environment for understanding and calculating with rational numbers: Rationalis. With the help of Rationalis, pupils will be able to expand their skills in calculating with fractions and decimals. Rationalis specifically promotes competencies defined in Curriculum 21. For a more effective added value for the pupils, however, we rely on much more flexible, and above all more conducive forms of presentation, which adapt individually to the progress of the learners.

For the field research, we have invited teachers from year 6. During the two-week training, we were allowed to accompany 14 classes. The students complete 10 lessons and 3 learning assessments. The first survey was conducted at the beginning, before the first lesson, the second after the first week of training and the third survey after the last lesson. After a four week break from training the students will again do a 90-minute lesson with the 4th and last learning status survey.

We look forward to presenting the results of the field research and the experiences of the participating teachers to you after the summer holidays.

Team Dybuster


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