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How Online Schooling Is Revolutionising Education

Over time, a lot has changed in the education sector in the United States. Today, if you briskly walked into the classroom ready to remind yourself of the good old school days of your youth, you would be in for a rude shock. You would completely not relate to the current classroom environment.

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Dyscalculia – Spot The Signs

It’s important to take signs of dyscalculia seriously. At the beginning of school, all children experience occasional difficulties with math. If these problems fail to dissipate with supported homework sessions or additional hours of practice, however, parents and teachers should be on alert for potential dyscalculia.

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Dyscalculia – Causes & Symptoms

Around 5 percent of children suffer from difficulties with numeracy, also known as “dyscalculia”. For them, numbers are often nothing more than arbitrary symbols. They find it difficult to acquire a sense for the size of different numbers or to compare them.

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Dyslexia – Spot The Signs

When children are first learning how to read and write, they make the same mistakes at varying degrees of frequency. For most children, the mistakes decrease in frequency after a short time and are eventually eliminated altogether.

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Dyslexia – Causes & Symptoms

At least one in ten children experience difficulty with reading or spelling, a condition also known as “dyslexia”. This manifests itself in a variety of characteristics and ways. Dyslexia is caused mainly by irregularities in the development of the brain.

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How Music Benefits Children with Dyslexia?

Around one in five children are thought to have dyslexia, and up to 90% of children with learning difficulties have it. Children with dyslexia can struggle with areas such as reading, sequencing and ordering sounds, and reading, but one area they can shine in and enjoy is music.