We would like to introduce a few of the schools where teachers and students use our software to help them achieve an inclusive learning environment. Our first portrait is of the public school in Fehraltorf, Switzerland. Fehraltorf is a small town in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. The public school is made up of primary and secondary schools.

Most classes are taught by grade and age level, but a few classes mix-age levels together and special education instruction is integrated into the regular classroom activities. Each classroom is equipped with four computers and the school also has a computer room and twenty laptops for general use.

Fehraltorf, a public school in Switzerland that uses Orthograph and Calcularis.

”For me the great thing about Dybuster software is that students rediscover fun in math and writing!”

Annalisa Scalabrin, special education teacher

Who uses the software?

Orthograph and Calcularis were introduced to the school by one of the special education teachers and are used by all students in both primary and secondary schools use the software and really helps support those with or without a diagnosis of a learning difference such as dyslexia or dyscalculia.

Using Dybuster software in the classroom.

How is the software used at school?

Students use the software during regular school hours under the supervision of a special education teacher, students who particularly struggle with maths or spelling can practice with the software outside of school hours at home with minimum input from parents.

Students use the software three times a week for 20 minutes at a time. Whether this is done within school hours or at home you as a parent or teacher can keep track of their progress at any point so that you know they are heading in the right direction. Specialist teachers or tutors also use Dybuster to supplement their targeted instruction for writing and math skills and can use the coach section to evidence the progress the student has made.

When children learn through Dybuster that practicing and sticking to something means progress, then they’ve learned something that will be useful their entire lives and more important than correct spelling.”

Classroom teacher, Fehraltorf public school

How is the software used at home?

Students practice with the software at home twice per week for twenty minutes. If a student does not have a quiet place to work with the software at home then the student is offered a space in a special education teacher’s classroom to practice after school hours.

Students at Fehraltdorf use Orthograph and Calcularis and school and at home.

How do teachers track students’ progress?

Special education teachers have access to Orthograph and Calcularis Coach, which provide a detailed overview of each student’s progress.

Parents are invited to join for their child’s first lessons using the software. They thereafter receive updates by letter informing them of their child’s progress and further recommended training with Orthograph or Calcularis as needed.

I am always looking for worthwhile material to use to challenge my students. With Dybuster I have found this.”

Patricia Werder, special education teacher

Are teachers satisfied with Dybuster Orthograph and Calcularis?

Teachers and parents at Fehraltdorf School have found that the software greatly benefits students with learning differences. The support for each student from special education teachers, and the involvement of parents in the process, helps to motivate students to practice with Orthograph and Calcularis. This steady practise results in correspondingly steady progress in spelling and maths skills.

I would recommend Dybuster software to all special education teachers, or even generally to classroom teachers to help students who struggle with reading or math.”

Annalisa Scalabrin, special education teacher

Student at Fehraltdorf School

To try Dybuster software yourself, please visit the Orthograph trial page and the Calcularis website.

Date of report: Summer 2015

Pictures and names were used with permission from the teachers and parents of students.


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